Ke$ha wants to be a gay man because they are ‘magical people’

Die Young singer says she loves gay men's 'energy' and claims they 'exude happiness'

Ke$ha wants to be a gay man because they are ‘magical people’
07 December 2012

US pop star Ke$ha says she wants to be a gay man because they are ‘magical people’.

The Tik Tok singer whose latest single Die Young is out now told Britain’s Gaydar Radio that she feels a strong bond with gay men.

Asked if she would like to be a gay man, she answered: ‘Are you joking? Yes, I do.’

Ke$ha added: ‘There’s just an energy to a gay man.

‘It’s not really comparable to any other people. You guys just exude just this happiness.

Pretty much my whole touring party, as far as, like, the dancers, it’s a lot of gay, beautiful, beautiful men. And they’re just gorgeous. And their love of life is amazing. They’re just, I don’t know, just really magical people.’

Ke$ha‘s latest hit track in taken from her upcoming second album Warrior.

To listen to the full interview with Gaydar Radio, click here.

Watch the video for the new single Die Young below:



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