Kenya bishops fight against gay marriage, contraception

Catholic bishops blast $4.2 billion drive to improve family planning services, saying they are losing 'traditional African values'

Kenya bishops fight against gay marriage, contraception
01 August 2012

Kenyan Catholic bishops are saying they will oppose any efforts to recognize ‘new teachings’ such as same-sex marriage and contraception.

The comments come after a newspaper article reported the African country is one of the countries signed up to a new $4.2 billion (£2.68b, €3.11b) drive to promote family planning services, as reported by LGBT portal Identity Kenya.

In a statement released by the Kenya Episcopal Conference, they said: ‘We cannot allow our country to be part of an international agenda, driven by foreign funds and by so doing, losing our independence and our African values of the family and society.’

Led by Archbishop of Nairobi John Njue, the bishops added: ‘The same foreign forces are dedicating billions of shillings promoting same sex unions while millions of women across are dying due to lack of proper maternal care facilities.

‘Furthermore, the use of contraceptives, especially as radically proposed in the article is both dehumanizing and goes against the Teaching of the church especially in a country like Kenya where a majority of the people are Christians and God fearing.

‘It already threatens the moral fabric of the society and is an insult to the dignity and integrity of the human person.’

Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya, who was among more than 150 leaders from donor and developing countries and agencies, said family planning dramatically improves the health of mothers and their children.

According to statistics, one in 38 women die from pregnancy-related causes and Kenya is among the highest in the world for unsafe ‘backstreet’ abortions where the majority of deaths occur.

The comments follow Kenya bishop Julius Kalu who told his congregation gays are worse than terrorists on 22 July.

He labeled gays and lesbians as ‘enemies of faith’. Kalu told his congregation: ‘Our greatest fear as a church should not be the grenade attacks, but the new teachings like same-sex marriages.’

Two months ago Christian and Muslim clerics condemned an appeal by the Kenya National Human Rights Commission to legalize homosexuality in the country, deeming it ‘unconstitutional and unholy.’



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