Kenya politicians to ‘bribe teens to attack gays’

Parliamentary sources have allegedly told gay rights activists about the plans they have to introduce stricter anti-gay laws in the African country

Kenya politicians to ‘bribe teens to attack gays’
11 March 2014

Kenya politicians are allegedly planning on bribing teens to attack gay people in return for businesses and homes.

Parliamentary sources have revealed to gay rights activists that some MPs are plotting on how to sway opinion in their favor.

A group of politicians led by MP Irungu Kang’ata have recently been demanding anti-gay laws in the African country to be stricter and enforced.

Denis Nzioka, Kenya gay rights activist, claims he has sources who have allegedly attended one of Kang’ata’s ‘strategy meetings’.

The politicians allegedly plan to ‘mobilize youth, raid gay offices and arrest youths engaging in gayism and lesbianism and hand them to the police.’

In return, the sources claim the youths will be promised businesses opened for them and their houses paid for.

They will also be given security if they attack gay offices and high profile individuals.

One organizer is quoted as saying: ‘We have a group of pastors and a politician who have promised to give you whatever is needed to carry out these anti-gay actions.’

Other suggestions involved paying ‘ex-gays’ to ‘recruit’ more LGBTI people to go public against homosexuality and ‘expose secrets of the homosexual community and lifestyle’.

None of Nzioka’s report has been able to be independently verified by Gay Star News.

A Kenya government spokesman refused to comment on private meetings.

Speaking to GSN, Nzioka said human rights groups are mobilizing to ensure a Uganda or Nigeria-style bill will never see the light of day in Kenya.

But he predicts if Kenya follows suit after Uganda and Nigeria, then it is very likely the predominantly Muslim countries in the north of Africa will not be far behind.

‘I know that some of these leaders engage on this level and of course talk of criminalizing homosexuality,’ he said.

‘They are playing politics with homosexuality, it is their trump card. Politicians will use any means to make sure they are elected.

‘And nothing is more of an issue than homosexuality.’



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