Kenyan activists identify gay serial blackmailer

GALCK’s call for gay victims of blackmail in Kenya to come forward lead to the identification of a serial criminal

Kenyan activists identify gay serial blackmailer
11 June 2012

Gay blackmail victims who have reported the crimes to Identity Kenya have identified a man who has extorted money from several victims since 2009.

The victims posted a nude photograph of the same man who’d used it to attract victims on social media sites. The victims would meet the man for sex in Kahawa Wendani estate or in Dandora’s Joy Villa estate in Nairobi.

After sex other men would bust into the rooms under the pretext of anti-gay raid and ask or force the victims to hand over money. One victim was forced to call his family and ask for a money transfer, telling his parents it was an emergency and he was stranded.

More victims were held for hours and some overnight.

One victim said: ‘I was held hostage for 22 hours at Ruaka, Banana. I was being threatened with a man who I only heard his name mentioned as Steve.’

Another reported: ‘I was blackmailed and kidnapped for a whole night and robbed… Though I reported the matter to GALCK, the persons are yet to be caught.’

Last week Gay Star News reported on the criminal gang which is using dating sites and Facebook to meet closeted LGBT people in Kenya, who they then blackmail.



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