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Kenyan lesbian rape victim hopes film will inspire other survivors

HIV positive woman who was victim of 'corrective rape' speaks about documentary
Nairobi, Kenya - Lesbian rape victim is subject of moving new documentary

A Kenyan lesbian who was raped because of her sexuality says she wants a documentary about her life to inspire other victims not to give up hope.

I Am Mary tells the story of Mary Mathui, who after being the victim of 'corrective rape' 11 years ago, conceived a son and was diagnosed with HIV.

In an interview with Identity Kenya, Mathui says she hopes the eight-minute film will help change attitudes towards lesbians living with HIV in the African nation.

‘I wanted to inspire and to challenge those who have gone through the same experience of rape not to lose hope and stand firm no matter what,’ she said.

‘As a survivor, I feel I can inspire other rape survivors with my story.’

Mathui continued that she has faced stigma and discrimination from other lesbians.

She said: ‘Most of my lesbian friends on hearing that I am HIV positive ran away. I could not even go on dates. Most of them do not want to do anything with me.

‘But I got a partner who loves me despite the fact I am HIV positive. She has stood by me all through. She is my sunshine.’

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