Killer stabbed vicar then left body with gay porn

Court hears how Stephen Farrow killed a British priest, and surrounded the body with gay magazines and DVDs

Killer stabbed vicar then left body with gay porn
06 October 2012

A man is being accused of stabbing a vicar, and then surrounding the body with streamers, a Bible, and gay pornography.

Stephen Farrow, 48, admitted knifing Reverend John Suddards, 59, in a Bristol Crown Court hearing on Thursday (4 October).

The English religious leader from Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, was found lying in a pool of blood on Valentine’s Day.

The court heard Suddards was found with a Bible open at the Epistle of Jude on his chest, which warns against indulging in the pleasures of the flesh, and gay magazines and DVDs scattered across the floor.

Prosecution claimed that Farrow found the porn in the vicarage, and placed them there to ruin his reputation.

Previously expressing hatred for ‘Christian scum’, Farrow admitted killing the vicar but denied murder on the ground of diminished responsibility.

After he arranged the body, Farrow allegedly spent the night at Suddards’ home, drinking his beer and watching an Indiana Jones DVD.

He was caught on closed-circuit television leaving early the next day, having changed his blood-stained clothes.

Farrow is also on trial for the murder of Betty Yates, 77, who was killed three months earlier.

Six weeks earlier to the death of the vicar, the court was told Farrow had broken into a cottage and left a chilling note to the owners.

Written in red writing and pinned to their kitchen table with two knives, it said: ‘Be thankful you did not come back or I would have killed you Christian scum.

‘I fucking hate God.’

Michael Fitton, from the Queen’s Council, said prosecution accepted Farrow had a severe personality disorder but did not accept he was insane.

He said: ‘He knows the difference between right and wrong. He did what he did as a matter of choice.

‘He was acting voluntarily, consciously and fully aware of his surroundings.

‘He was not killing because he was mad. He killed Mr Suddards and watched him die and then stayed to rearrange the body.’

The trial continues.  



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