Kissing lesbian couple escorted out of Canada restaurant for being ‘promiscuous’

The young couple say they are ‘shocked’ and ‘taken aback’ they were kicked out out of a Quebec restaurant for showing affection

Kissing lesbian couple escorted out of Canada restaurant for being ‘promiscuous’
03 December 2013

A lesbian couple was subject to homophobic discrimination while waiting in a Canada restaurant.

Carolyn Shaughnessy told Global News she was at dinner with her girlfriend on Friday (29 November) at Le Manoir restaurant in Pointe-Claire when she and her girlfriend were asked to leave.

‘I was on the phone in the corner and [my girlfriend] came up behind me, and she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, and [the manager] approached us.’

Shaughnessy’s girlfriend Jessica Goldberg said the manager forced them to collect their belongings and escorted them out the door.

Goldberg said the restaurant manager kept saying the couple’s behavior was ‘innapropriate’ and ‘promiscuous’.

‘I was confused,’ Shaughnessy said .

‘In our minds, I didn’t see anything wrong with it.’

After the incident, she took to her Facebook page to write: ’THEY KICKED US OUT FOR BEING GAY. Safe to say that I won’t ever be returning there again. I’m disgusted.’

Restaurant owner Peter Segakis does not condone his manager’s actions, and has invited the girls to return for dinner.

‘If [my manager] would have called me and told me that two girls were kissing, I’d tell him that’s normal today and I would tell him not to throw them out,’ said Segakis.

Segakis was unable to speak with Gay Star News about what actions were taken with the manager or if his staff had undergone diversity training.

Quebec’s Ministry of Justice policy states: ‘Although Québec has passed legislation to recognize the legal equality of sexual minority members, they have yet to achieve full social acceptance.’



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