Klok suspends disbelief as well as magic assistant

Gay Dutch illusionist Hans Klok wows audiences and celebrities with jaw-dropping magic

Klok suspends disbelief as well as magic assistant
02 March 2012

Kate Moss and Rihanna aren't the only ones amazed by Dutch illusionist Hans Klok, as the flamboyant performer's London show receives standing ovations from gobsmacked audiences.

The out and proud magician made his London debut at the Peacock Theatre in the UK capital's West End last week.

The Houdini Experience features sensational illusions, daredevil stunts and mind-boggling tricks with a levitating lightbulb trick inherited from Harry Blackstone Jr and a death-defying escape from a water tank among the show's biggest jaw-dropping moments.

Commenting on his epic new production, which also includes guest stars performing acrobatics, contortion and circus acts, Klok told Gay Star News: 'It’s a very exciting, big magic show which you can compare to the American Las Vegas shows.

'I’m working with my three assistants which I call the divas of magic. I have great dancers around, five great, world class variety acts in the show, and there is a big storyline about Houdini.

'The show is all about magic, so hypnosis, mind-reading, grand illusion, slight of hand, I’ve brought it all together in two hours.'

The blond bombshell says he believes it's his best show yet, adding: 'The magic should be stunning.

'That’s the big compliment someone can pay me – when people see my show and tell me afterward they were amazed and have no clue how it was done.

'Just forget there is a trick and be amazed and entertained. Magic is art, but the only thing is, you can’t put your finger on what the art is.

'When you hear a good singer, the talent is the voice. But with magic, you have to be an actor so people believe you and a comedian, as well as half a stunt man. It’s all the talents put together which make a great magician.'

Last month the former Las Vegas showman wowed fashionistas and celebrities, including R&B singer Rihanna and supermodel Kate Moss, at designer Stella McCartney's London Fashion Week show, hypnotizing TV presenter Alexa Chung and balancing a sword between her shoulder blades.



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