Kristin Chenoweth: Jesus would be horrified by anti-gay ‘Christians’

Religious singer and actress tells GSN how she would love her gay friends to be able to get married

Kristin Chenoweth: Jesus would be horrified by anti-gay ‘Christians’
07 March 2013 Print This Article

Religious singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth has said anti-gay pundits who use the Bible to spread hate are not Christian.

In an interview with Gay Star News, the Glee and Pushing Daisies star said she believed if Jesus were to walk on Earth today, he would be horrified by people like American Family’s Association’s Bryan Fischer – who has compared gay people to cannibals.

She said: It is very anti-Christian of them. It is the antithesis of what I believe. It is the antithesis of what you should believe if you believe in Jesus.

‘It’s not what he taught, it’s the opposite of what he taught.

‘If Jesus was to walk the Earth today, or Buddha or anybody, they would be horrified. Those people saying they’re doing it in the name of God? No no no no no.’

Chenoweth also said she had a lot of criticism from her community of Southern Baptists, but felt it was ‘important to say it, as a Christian person.’

In the interview, she also said she would love her gay friends to be able to get married.

‘I just don’t understand why we’re still having this conversation,’ she said. ‘I want it to be done. I want it to be over with, and, you know [marriage equality] is the biggest equal rights issue – at least in our country since the 50s.’

Chenoweth is starting her UK tour on 11 March, where she will start off at the London Coliseum before moving onto Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

If you would like to read the rest of the interview, click here.



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