Kylie Minogue Rocks Sydney’s Mardi Gras Party

Celebrating 25 years in music, Australia’s pop princess feels the love at one of the world’s largest dance parties

Kylie Minogue Rocks Sydney’s Mardi Gras Party
03 March 2012

There was a lot of hype about Kylie Minogue’s appearance at this year’s Mardi Gras party in Sydney.

In many ways a home-coming, this was a unique opportunity for Minogue to celebrate a milestone in her career and demonstrate her connection to the world’s gays and lesbians who have been loyal supporters since the beginning.

There had been a special tribute float in the parade earlier this evening (complete with representations of each of Minogue’s iconic outfits and a lot of dancers) and the buzz amongst party-goes had all been about Minogue’s performance: What numbers would she sing? What would she be wearing? How many back-up dancers would there be?

Minogue knows her audience well and was met with a rapturous reception as she took to the stage.

With a beaming smile thoughout, the diminutive singer belted out her latest hits and threw in a few classics. There were back-up dancers a-plenty and Minogue was clearly enjoying herself as she flirted with the adoring crowd.

Minogue eventually left the stage but left the Mardi Gras revelers on a high. An amazing night.

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