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Kylie Sexercises for adoring crowd at G-A-Y club

The Saturday night show at the legendary London club celebrates the pop princess’ latest album Kiss Me Once
Kylie Minogue performs at top London club G-A-Y.

Kylie Minogue gyrated with a troop of sexy dancers for a sell-out crowd at G-A-Y in London’s Heaven club.

The ‘Princess of Pop’ is considered queen of G-A-Y and her state visit was marked by a month-long celebration at its bar in Soho.

Her performance, promoting her latest album Kiss Me Once and new hit Sexercise, was the 11th of her career at the club night.

She wore a figure-hugging red dress for the show last night – conservative British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail dubbed a ‘dominatrix’ outfit.

As well as her gay fans, she was watched by her two artists from TV singing contest The Voice, Jamie Johnson and Lee Glasson. She showed them how it was done just a few hours after they won through on a crucial elimination round.

At the end of the show Kylie was presented with red roses by G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph and posed with him for a ‘selfie’ picture with her fans in the background.

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