Kyrgyzstan human rights group passes ‘gay propaganda’ bill

Similar to Russia's own anti-gay laws, the European Union has described it as one of the most sweeping homophobic draft laws in the world

Kyrgyzstan human rights group passes ‘gay propaganda’ bill
18 June 2014

A Kyrgyzstan human rights group has passed a ‘gay propaganda’ bill in parliament.

The bill, similar to Russia’s own anti-gay law, will make it illegal to spread information about ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ in the former Soviet country.

This means it will be a crime for anyone to discuss anything related to LGBTI people in public spaces either through the media, or by organizing public events to discuss human rights.

Those found guilty will be punished with fines and up to six months in prison.

In a vote taken yesterday (17 June), the bill passed with four votes to three.

The European Union has described the draft law has one of the most ‘sweeping anti-propaganda bills ever published’.

Nicole Kiil-Nielsen MEP, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Delegation to Kyrgyzstan and Member of the EU LGBT Intergroup said it was vital the former Soviet State did not backslide on the human rights of its citizens.

‘It’s only been 16 years since Kyrgyzstan decriminalized homosexuality,’ she said.

‘It is unacceptable that people might again be put in jail for being who they are, or even for sharing objective information about different sexual orientations.

‘I urge the Kyrgyzstan not to go back to state-sponsored homophobia.’



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