Kyrgyzstan LGBTI activists call for international help against ‘gay propaganda’ ban

LGBTI activists in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan are calling for help from the international community to fight their country’s proposed ban on so-called gay propaganda and have suggested five ways they can help

Kyrgyzstan LGBTI activists call for international help against ‘gay propaganda’ ban
21 July 2014

LGBTI activists in Kyrgyzstan have called on the global LGBTI community to come to their aid before they are silenced by a bill before the parliament that would go even further than Russia’s ban on so-called ‘homosexual propaganda to children’ by banning any public discussion of LGBTI issues.

The group of Kyrgyz activists have set out five ways that people can help out – the first of which is to use all means to spread word about the bill by contacting their governments, international organizations and inform them about the proposed draconian law – particularly by using social media.

The second way they would like people to help is by organizing online and real world protests against the bill.

The would like to see protests held outside Kyrgyz embassies and consulates around the world in order to put pressure on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the Kyrgyz Parliament.

The activists would particularly like public officials from ‘non-Western’ countries such as those in Asia and South America to issue statements against the proposed law and for LGBTI affirming Muslim leaders to speak out against the bill.

The activists would like large corporations that operate in Kyrgyzstan to speak out against the bill, such as Coca Cola, Nokia, Apple and the Kumtor Gold Company.

The activists would also like to be informed of any action taken against the bill so that they can communicate them to Kyrgyz lawmakers.

The activists are not asking any government to cut development aid to Kyrgyzstan but they would like any foreign funded programs to ensure they are addressing the needs of LGBTI Kyrgyz people.

However they would like to see governments around the world put sanctions against those have been instrumental in pushing for the bill – including travel bans and freezing their finances.

Finally the activists are asking for governments to be aware of the discrimination that LGBTI people face in Kyrgyzstan so that those who need to seek asylum will be assessed properly.

For those who would like to get involved the following are contacts for English speaking Kyrgyz human rights activists who have gone public-

-Dastan Kasmamytov (Danik), [email protected]
-Ruslan Kim, [email protected]
-Syinat Sultanalieva, [email protected]
-Amir Mukambetov, [email protected]



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