Labour join campaign for Alan Turing pardon

Britain's Labour Party are calling on the coalition government to grant heroic gay code-breaker a pardon, almost 60 years since his death

Labour join campaign for Alan Turing pardon
01 November 2012

Britain’s Labour Party has announced it is supporting a campaign for the pardon of gay Second World War hero Alan Turing.

The left-wing party is hoping that, by showing their support, the current coalition government will be forced to alter its position. Many existing MPs have already shown support for the campaign.

Turing, worked during the Second World War as a code-breaker. He committed suicide in 1954 after struggling with his homosexuality.

The co-chair of LGBT Labour, James Asser, responded to the announcement, saying: ‘Alan Turing played an essential role in the work of the code breakers at Bletchley Park; without whom, the outcome of the Second World War may have been very different.

‘We owe a great debt to him and his colleagues. It is only right and proper that after 60 years, Alan Turing receive his pardon.

‘It is time that the coalition government started to listen to the public support for a pardon and re-consider their position. 60 years is long enough.’

Schoolchildren are to be taught about the life of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park on 15 November as part of LGBT History Month.

The event is organized by Schools Out, the charity that has been campaigning for equality in education for LGBT people since 1974.



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