Lady Gaga bites back at Madonna’s Born This Way jibes

Gay champion Gaga breaks silence over Madonna feud, speaking out against the queen of pop in New Zealand

Lady Gaga bites back at Madonna’s Born This Way jibes
12 June 2012

Lady Gaga has finally hit back at Madonna’s jibes that her gay anthem Born This Way closely resembles the queen of pop’s 80s floorfiller Express Yourself.

In a thinly veiled dig at the Material Girl, who has been mocking her talented pop rival by playing a mash-up of their two hits during her MDNA tour, the Poker Face singer told fans during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand, that society had changed in the last 25 years.

She said: ‘It sometimes makes other people feel better to put other people down, make fun of them or maybe make a mockery of their work. And that doesn’t make me feel good at all’

‘I learned a lot about people trying to tear you down and I’m just not that person and never will be,’ Gaga added.

‘I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music. Because that’s all I really care about.’

The gay rights champion has been suffering from concussion after being hit by a pole on stage, but she seemed in high spirits during her gig on Thursday (7 June), telling her ‘little monsters’ that we are in a ‘new place in society now’.

She said: ‘Can’t I believe in being born this way? Can’t I be gay and not have to slice you? Can’t I be gay and not have to be a cunt? Can’t I be gay and not feel like I have to read you or be shady? Can’t I just be myself and not have to do that?

‘We’re just socially in a completely different place. We don’t all have to slice and hate each other any more.’

Below, watch her speech during a performance of track Hair and Madonna’s MDNA mash-up of Express Yourself and Born This Way:



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