Lady Gaga meets ‘lady boys’

Despite a controversial tweet on fake Thai goods, the pop diva appeared to have fun in Thailand and was warmly received by many

Lady Gaga meets ‘lady boys’
26 May 2012

Seeking a short break in her Asian tour, Lady Gaga has met Thai ‘ladies’ of a different kind at a Bangkok drag show featuring busty dancers who were not born that way.

Hours after arriving in the Thai Capital on Wednesday (23 May), the bisexual pop diva ‘clapped her hands and screamed’, ‘moving to the rhythm’ in appreciation of the performance at Calypso Cabaret, where a troupe of extravagantly dressed ‘lady boys’ lip-synched and danced to well-known Asian pop songs, according to news agencies.

‘A million people have to pay to see a Gaga concert, but Gaga paid to see our show!’ cabaret manager Nipon Boonmasuwan told Thairath newspaper.

Nipon said the 26-year-old diva was extremely friendly and said ‘hi lady, hi lady’ to their performers all the way to her seat.

Gaga greeted her favourite performer after the show, saying ‘you’re so beautiful.’ She also gave out six tickets to her own show yesterday (25 May), which eventually went smoothly.

Some fans had claimed they would boycott the performance after Gaga tweeted ‘I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex.’

But her die-hard fans, among the 50,000 participants,  said that Gaga showed how she adored Thailand and Thai fans by using the word Bangkok and Thailand in her lyrics. She also called Thailand a place for the LGBT community, according to The Nation.

Arglit Boonyai, Multimedia Editor at the Bangkok Post, has tried to speak for her in an opinion article today.

As a kid growing up in Britain, he was always asked if he knew any prostitutes or kissed any lady boy. Even now, holidaymakers still constantly ask him which markets are good for fake goods.

Seeing the queen of controversy’s tweet only as a joke, he says a little misperception or even ignorance only marginally tarnishes the country’s image, but he criticizes as a little over the top the commerce official whowent from the tweet to hitting at the US for basing its ‘Jasmati rice’ on Thai jasmine rice.

‘Sadly, this feels like a case of bad parenting on our part,’ he writes. ‘Thailand’s tendency to avoid speaking out on negative or sensitive issues has left Thais unable to take criticism from outside sources as well.’

After Bangkok, Lady Gaga will play three shows in Singapore next week, but there has yet to be any confirmation about the Jakarta show. After that, she will be flying south to New Zealand and Australia, and then to Europe.

Lady Gaga’s The Born This Way Ball concert in photos (By The Nation)



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