Lady Gaga slams Pope saying his views on gay marriage don’t matter

In a radio interview, Lady Gaga criticised Pope Benedict XVI's comments against gay marriage in France and voiced her support for LGBT rights and equality

Lady Gaga slams Pope saying his views on gay marriage don’t matter
24 September 2012

During an interview with the French Radio station Europe 1, Lady Gaga slammed the recent comments by Pope Benedict XVI who said that gay marriage is a threat to the family and society.

Speaking live yesterday (23 September) she said: ‘I think that gay marriage is something that is going to happen, it must. We are not truly equal part of humanity if we not allowed to freely love one another.

‘What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter, it doesn’t matter to the world. It matters to those who like the pope and follow him. It’s not a reflection of all Christians, it is not a reflection of all religious people, it’s a point of view of one person.

‘Vive la France, vive la liberation’ she said in French.

‘And to all the gay people here [in France]. May you can live and love each other until the end of time. And I hope you will have the human right to breed in an entirely equal manner.’

Lady Gaga made her comments on Sunday following her Born This Way Ball concert at Paris’s Stade de France, Saturday 22 September.

The Pope recently made an unprecedented attack against the French government’s plans to introduce a gay marriage bill by next year.

Lady Gaga’s final remarks are believed to also reflect the criticism of French LGBT rights advocates who stated that lack of fertility assistance in the proposed same-sex marriage bill of France, falls short of full equality. 

Watch Lady Gaga’s performance in Stade de France, Paris:



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