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Lady Gaga tells newly out Tom Daley: ‘Never dive in Russia’

Bisexual songstress gave advice to the Olympic diving teen on Alan Carr's Chatty Man
Lady Gaga has told newly out bisexual Olympic diver Tom Daley to never dive in Russia.
Photo by Channel 4.

Bisexual songstress Lady Gaga has told Tom Daley he should boycott any country, like Russia, that opposes LGBT rights.

The ‘Applause’ singer said she supported the teen Olympic diver after he said he fancied both boys and girls this week.

She said, as a sports star and now a role model for LGBT teens, he should stand up against homophobic states.

‘I don’t think that we should be going to the Olympics at all,’ Gaga told gay British chatshow host Alan Carr.

‘I mean I would never take anything away from their hard work, I just think it is absolutely wrong for so many countries to send money and economy in the way of a country that doesn’t support gays.

‘They pepper spray and beat them in Russia.’

And while Daley will not even be competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, she added: ‘It made me very sad to see the pain that some of the gay kid are in in Russia and for the world to send their finest for the Olympics…

‘I can’t, it just feels so wrong and sad. I hate saying that because I’m so excited for those like Tom Daley to go and to win and to rejoice.’

If you would like to watch Gaga’s interview, check it out Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight on 10pm on Channel 4.

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