Lance Bass recalls coming out gay to Britney Spears

N*SYNC member says the problem with the gay community is they cannot plan for the future

Lance Bass recalls coming out gay to Britney Spears
19 September 2012

There is something about pop princess Britney Spears which makes gay people come out to her, whether it is a former duet partner on her new show X Factor, or a former boy band member.

A member of N*SYNC, the pop group which launched the career of Justin Timberlake, Bass has shared how he came out to Spears two years before he came out publicly in 2004.

Speaking to Wendy Williams on her daytime talk show, he said: ‘It was her first marriage, when she got married in Vegas, that little 24 hour one, so I was up there for that.

‘She was kind of upset because she knew what was going to happen the next day with the press.

‘And the only thing I could think of to calm her down and like, make her stop crying, was to tell her I was gay. ‘

Bass, 33, has been in a relationship with his boyfriend of 25 years for a year and a half.

Describing how he came out on the cover of People Magazine in 2006, he said it wasn’t difficult for him.

‘I was already in a relationship and my friends and family had known for a while,’ Bass said.

Bass is now hosting his own pop culture radio show on SiriusXM called Dirty Pop, which began airing on 13 September.

Check out his interview with on The Wendy Williams Show here:



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