Lance Bass releases film on Christian school where gay kids are held against their will

Openly gay former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass has executive produced the documentary Kidnapped for Christ about a controversial Christian reform school run by Americans in the Dominican Republic where teens are held against their will

Lance Bass releases film on Christian school where gay kids are held against their will
25 June 2014

Former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass has executive produced a new documentary on a controversial Christian reform school in the Dominican Republic where kids are held against their will and subjected to extreme discipline to try to change their behavior and their sexuality.

Kidnapped for Christ investigates Escuela Carib, an American owned ‘behavioral modification program,’ in which teens are held against their will on the orders of their parents in order to straighten them out – whether that be for behavioral problems, drug use – or their sexual orientation.

Filmmaker Kate Logan was given unprecedented access to the school by its owners and documented a harsh disciplinary regime with arbitrary and degrading punishments – with little information flowing back to parents about what they are putting their children through.

Logan follows three teens at Escuela Carib and documents their ordeal and eventually decides to help one of them escape.

One of the film’s protagonists is David, a 17-year-old boy from Colorado who was sent to the program by his parents despite getting good grades after they discovered he was gay.

The school convinced him that they could change his sexual orientation and they agreed to have people from the school snatch their child in the middle of the night and fly him to the Dominican Republic.

Bass signed on to executive produce the film alongside former Real World star Mike C Manning and the pair ran a successful crowd funding campaign to help finish the film.

It will get its TV premiere on Showtime on Thursday, July 10, at 7:30 pm in the US (ET/PT).

Watch the trailer for the film below



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