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Lance Bass talks about Anderson Cooper's coming out

'I know him and and I know his boyfriend very well'
Photo by Greg Hernandez

CNN's Anderson Cooper has simply gotten back to work and not talked about his sexuality since acknowledging publicly for the first time that he is gay.

But others have talked about the disclosure including Cooper's friend, Lance Bass, whose coming out in 2006 landed him on the cover of People magazine.

'Everyone does it on their own time,' Bass said in an interview with The Six Pack. 'Anderson and I have been friends for years and of course I know him and and I know his boyfriend very well, for years.'

Bass said that because Cooper had been out to his friends and family, 'to us it wasn't a big deal.'

But he understands the decision by Cooper to remain private for so long.

'Unfortunately there are still people who have to worry about their careers in this industry because we make everything for middle America,' he said. 'Those are the minds we're trying to change. So with Anderson I understand it, completely, because he's a journalist and doesn't want anyone to look at him and say 'of course he's going to side with him, because he's gay!''

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