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Lauren Ash explains her TV alter-ego suddenly realizing she's a lesbian on ABC's Super Fun Night

When her character kissed another woman she was thinking' the Internet was going to explode ... I think Twitter is just going to like invert itself!'
Lauren_Ash and Kate_Jenkinson kiss on Super Fun Night
Photo: ABC

ABC's Super Fun Night may or may not see a second season but it's first season certainly ends this week on a gay note.

Last week, the character of Marika, played by Lauren Ash, has discovered that she is a lesbian after a kiss from a straight girl named Kendall (Kate Jenkinson).

In the season finale tonight, she struggles to tell her close-knit group of equally socially awkward friends which includes series star Rebel Wilson of Bridesmaids fame in her first US series.

'I love the (kissing) scene with Marika and Kendall,' Ash tells 'I just think it’s just so cute. I [thought] that the Internet was going to explode as that happens. I think Twitter is just going to like invert itself!'

So could her character have really been that clueless about her sexuality until that first same-sex kiss?

'We have to remember that those three girls have been literally holed away in their apartment for 10 years since high school,' Ash says. 'They’re all kind of in this stunted adolescence.'

'It’s realistic that Marika doesn’t really know and hasn’t really thought about it and is forced to kind of look at herself and look at her feelings and what maybe is in there.,' she adds. 'And she’s kind of been ignoring or not looking at for some time. So I think that it’s really lovely that she kind of gets to have that little bit of a journey rather than just a certain episode and all of a sudden it’s like "Hey, she’s gay. It’s over!"'

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