Lazenby claims Bond producers made him prove he wasn’t gay

The second actor to portray James Bond has claimed that producers were so worried he might be gay that they had him sleep with a woman to prove otherwise

Lazenby claims Bond producers made him prove he wasn’t gay
30 September 2012

The only Australian to portray James Bond on screen has claimed in a new documentary that the producers of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service were so concerned that he might be gay that they had him sleep with a woman.

‘They sent a girl up to my apartment to make sure I wasn’t gay,’ George Lazenby told the makers of the new Bond documentary Everything or Nothing.

‘A little while later they had their answer. I sure as hell wasn’t.’

Everything or Nothing director Stevan Riley told the Express that he had no way of verifying the claim, and was even more surprised that Eon Productions, the makers of the Bond films, allowed the quote to stay in the film.

‘I had no way of confirming if the story was true, I just left it in the edit and waited to see if Eon approved it,’ Riley said.

Lazenby was offered the role of James Bond after Sean Connery quit the role.

The Australian male model was discovered by producer Albert Broccoli while they were both getting their hair cut at the same barber and was later offered a screen test.

Lazenby turned down the role after only one film over creative differences with the filmmakers despite having been offered a seven picture deal.

Following the Bond role, Lazenby was signed to appear in four films alongside Bruce Lee, but the martial arts superstar’s death in July of 1973 prevented this.

Lazenby remains the only actor from outside the British Isles to take on the role in a Bond film.

Everything or Nothing will be released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr No, and the release of the latest Bond film starring Daniel Craig, Skyfall, scheduled for October 23 and explores the impact that playing James Bond has had on the actors lives.



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