Lead actress cast for Ellen’s new lesbian sitcom

Elisha Cuthbert, star of Happy Endings, will be playing the lead role in DeGeneres' new sitcom One Big Happy

Lead actress cast for Ellen’s new lesbian sitcom
21 February 2014

Happy Endings star Elisha Cuthbert was announced as the lead actress for Ellen DeGeneres’ new lesbian sitcom today (21 February).

The gay TV host and actress, who came out with her on-screen sitcom character in 1997, will be the executive producer for the comedy One Big Happy.

The show will center on a pair of platonic friends, a gay woman Lizzy and a straight guy Luke, who live together and decide to raise a child together via artificial insemination.

Just as Lizzy gets pregnant, Luke impulsively marries his girlfriend Prudence.

Nick Zano, who worked with Cuthbert on Happy Endings, will be playing Cuthbert’s best friend.

It comes as DeGeneres has reflected on how she found it difficult to cope after the extreme reaction her coming out.

She said: ‘I didn’t think it was going to be that much of a surprise. What hurt was this: Does that label, that word, change my talent, my kindness, my heart, my intention for entertaining people?

‘The bottom line is as simple as this, my feelings were hurt. I just gave up and moved to Ojai [in California] and sat in my house as long as I could until I ran out of money. Then I started over again.’

Adding to People magazine: ‘Looking back, I did feel isolated, I did feel rejected, but now I look at it as a movie that I saw that someone went through. I only experience the amazing life that I have right now.’



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