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Leading Tea Party Republican Rand Paul says leave marriage to the states

The leading Tea Party contender to be the Republicans’ 2016 presidential pick, Rand Paul, says that the states should be left to decide on the issue of same-sex marriage and the US federal government should stay out of the issue
Rand Paul

Leading Tea Party Republican Rand Paul says that his party will lose the fight on same-sex marriage if it tries to define it at a federal level and says states should be left to decide the issue for themselves.

Congressman Rand Paul, son of perennial libertarian Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, made the comments in an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network, telling host David Brody, ‘I think right now if we say … we’re only going to [have] one man, one woman marriage, we’re going to lose that battle because the country is going the other way.’

Rand Paul advised keeping out of the issue at a federal level.

‘If we’re to say each state can decide, I think a good 25 or 30 states still do believe in traditional marriage, and maybe we allow that debate to go on for another couple of decades.’

Paul made the comments as part of a 30 minute special episode of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File program which pitched him as the Tea Party favorite to run for president in 2016 and as a man who could unite evangelical, libertarian and moderate Republicans.

Paul’s father Ron also believes the US federal government should not define marriage for the states.

The Christian Broadcasting Network is a conservative evangelical Christian broadcaster that also hosts Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club program.

Rand Paul’s comments come on the heels of two Republican senators openly backing same-sex marriage and another saying her views are ‘evolving’ on the issue.

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