Lesbian activist seeks pride from Europe’s football teams

Clare Dimyon will travel to Euro2012 championship games to collect colors for rainbow flag  

Lesbian activist seeks pride from Europe’s football teams
24 April 2012

Equality activist Clare Dimyon has announced the dates and locations of her upcoming PRIDE Solidarity tour.

Her travels will take her to the first-ever Kyiv Pride held 14 May, on to Warsaw's Parade of Equality, followed by Bratislava Pride. She will also be attending championship football matches in Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv to raise awareness of homophobia in football. She will end her tour at the first ever Gay Eurogames in Budapest on 1 July.

The activist will also be meeting with Ukrainian LGBT people to discuss their experiences and their feelings about the Ukrainian gay censorship plan that will be discussed in the Ukrainian parliament in May.  

Dimyon has been awarded with an MBE from the Queen for promoting LGBT equality in central and eastern Europe.

'I am a lesbian of the British empire and I know my duty to the Crown,' joked Dimyon before adding: 'I want to celebrate the English and British values of tolerance and fair play.'

Last February, Dimyon joined the crowds outside Wembley Stadium waving a rainbow flag at the Holland versus England game to raise awareness of homophobia in sport.



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