Lesbian alien companion confirmed for Doctor Who

Sirulian Madame Vastra and human partner Jenny will star in the seventh series of the British science fiction show

Lesbian alien companion confirmed for Doctor Who
07 July 2012

Released pictures have confirmed the new series of Doctor Who will feature a lesbian alien.

It was rumored on 22 June Sirulian Madame Vastra would return alongside her human female companion in the seventh series of the British science fiction show.

In the pictures, it shows Vastra, played by Neve McIntosh, and Jenny, played by Catrin Stewart, as well as a Sontaran in Victorian dress.

McIntosh denied she was going to appear again in Doctor Who last week, when she tweeted: ‘No one’s asked me [to come back].’

The characters found popularity with fans when the two starred in the season six mid-series finale.

In A Good Man Goes To War, Vastra is seen living with her partner Jenny in Victorian London. She is asked by the Doctor to help protect the daughter of his companion Amy Pond.

Fans loved the characters, and they were soon asking head writer Steven Moffatt to create a spin off show.

In an interview with magazine SFX, Moffatt said he loved the characters, and felt they ‘really cut through as characters, given how little screentime they had.’

He said: ‘I certainly wouldn’t be averse to them returning. It’s just a thing that worked, isn’t it? I love that Victorian setting, and having it kicked it out of Sherlock Holmes I can always kick it in somewhere else!’

Vastra, Jenny and the Sontaran will be returning in 2013 in an episode written by Mark Gattis.  



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