Lesbian couple attacked during Atlanta gay pride

Two men targeted gay women outside Atlanta hotel in what victims claim is a hate crime

Lesbian couple attacked during Atlanta gay pride
15 October 2012

A lesbian couple in Atlanta were attacked during the US city’s gay pride celebrations in what they claim is a hate crime.

Kathryn Katalinich and partner Brooke Creef were beaten by two men outside a popular Atlanta hotel in the early hours of Saturday (13 October).

‘It’s just ridiculous that there’s so much hate,’ a tearful Katalinich told Fox 5 News.

‘We got up to leave and get into our cab, words were exchanged and that’s when they said a derogatory term to us.’

Girlfriend Brooke Creef said they were defending themselves when the men hurled homophobic abuse at them.

‘He throws me down on the ground, busts my knees up and I get up and he does it again a second time and is laughing,’ said Katalinich.

‘He picked me up and threw me back down.’

Creef says she was shocked that no-one came to their aid.

‘Everyone was sitting there watching it and that’s just what blows my mind,’ she said.

The attackers ran away after the couple screamed for help and are hoping surveillance video from the hotel will help investigators find the two men.

Thousands of people were in the Georgia city for the LGBT festival from 13 to 14 October.



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