Lesbian couple chased from home in Indonesia

A lesbian couple who pretended to be straight to marry, was chased from their home on Batam Island, Indonesia when confronted by neighbors

Lesbian couple chased from home in Indonesia
17 January 2013

A lesbian couple who forged documents to fool officials into marrying them had to flea from their home in a village on Batam, Riau Islands in Indonesia when their neighbors discovered the truth.

‘We reject homosexuals here,’ a neighbor named Marlina told AFP yesterday.

‘So last week we raided their house and saw Musdalifa was obviously a woman… We told Musdalifa to leave. They both fled and we haven’t seen them since.’

Musdalifa was really a 23-year-old woman called Angga Soerjipto who married her 41-year-old girlfriend Ninies Ramiluningtyas.

‘There was no way we could have known, because they both had the right documents,’ said Budi Dharmawan, head of the local Religious Affairs Office when the villagers complained.  

Same-sex couples are not widely accepted in majority-Muslim Indonesia. 

A joint Indonesian and German production film, Children of Srikandi, about queer women in Indonesia was released last year and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. 



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