Lesbian couple found dead in suspected murder suicide

Arizona woman is suspected of shooting her wife in the head, and then turning the gun on herself

Lesbian couple found dead in suspected murder suicide
31 August 2012

A lesbian Arizona couple was found dead in their home on Tuesday (28 August), and police are calling it a murder-suicide.

Dallas Augustine, 32, is suspected of murdering Jessie McCaskill, 50, at their Phoenix home before taking her own life.

The two women will undergo autopsies today (31 August).

Police discovered the bodies at around 8.30pm on Monday evening after a concerned family member called 911.

The authorities arrived at the property to discover evidence the couple had been fighting, and one had packed her bags and was preparing to leave.

The murder weapon, a handgun, was found at the crime scene.

A neighbor told AZcentral.com that Augustine, who is the daughter of Nevada lawmaker Kathy Augustine who was murdered by her husband in 2006, and McCaskill had loud, violent arguments.

‘They fought pretty hard and screamed at each other,’ the 65-year-old said. ‘Sometimes you’ll be inside your house and you can hear them, hear something break once in a while.’

Augustine, who reportedly had a rocky relationship with her mom, ran for a seat in the Nevada Assembly in 2008, but lost.

On McCaskill’s Facebook page, she posted in 2006 she had found the one in Augustine, who she married in 2007.

‘Well, it all worked out in the end,’ she said.



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