Lesbian couple set to have first New York gay divorce

Two women who got hitched days after the Marriage Equality Act in New York will file divorce papers this week

Lesbian couple set to have first New York gay divorce
26 June 2012

A lesbian couple is set to have the first New York gay divorce, due to file papers on Thursday (28 June).

Two women who have been in a relationship since 2008, and got hitched last summer after the Marriage Equality Act in New York was legalized, will be filing papers this week.

Photographer Dese’Rae Stage wrote on her blog about her split with massage therapist Katie Marks.

She said: ‘I do very much feel like the president of the loneliest club in the world.

‘How many gay divorcees do you know? It’s a horrible feeling to go through this huge life upheaval without the support of others who know exactly what you’re feeling.’

A couple for just over three years, Marks and Stage tied the knot in The Pop Up Chapel in Central Park.

Stage told the Atlantic Wire Marks had met another woman on the internet. Shortly afterwards, the couple broke up.

However, as New York law states marriages must have been broken down for at least six months before filing for divorce, it is only now the first gay divorces are beginning to happen.

Stage said: ‘We have no assets, no children. The only thing we have to deal with is $10,000 worth of debt in preparations for a big wedding celebration we planned in Boston over Memorial Day weekend.’

She added: ‘I never thought I would have the ability to get married, so when I chose my forever, I meant forever. In a lot of cases, straight people accept divorce as a possibility. It never entered my vocabulary.’

But Marks told Atlantic Wire she does not think there is a difference between ‘hetero and gay divorce.’

‘They both suck,’ she said.  



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