Lesbian couple try to register marriage in Bangkok

Two women requested a marriage certificate at Bang Rak district office in Bangkok to bring attention to the issue of same-sex marriage in Thailand

Lesbian couple try to register marriage in Bangkok
15 February 2013

A lesbian couple in Bangkok attempted to register their marriage at Bang Rak district office yesterday for Valentine’s Day.

Pallawee Jongtangsajjatham and Rungtiwa Tangkanopak were told that same-sex couples could not be offered a marriage certificate.

The couple said that they will file a complaint with the House of Representatives and request to meet Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to discuss same-sex marriage.

‘The Prime Minister should understand the issue as she shares the same sex with us,’ Pallawee and Rungtiwa said, Coconuts Bangkok reports

Sexual Diversity Network, an coalition including Anjaree lesbian rights group and Thai Transgender Alliance, organized the event to bring attention to the issue same-sex marriage in Thailand.

A parliamentary committee is currently looking into the possibility of legalizing same-sex marriage in the country. The first of a series of public hearings into the issue was attended by hundreds of LGBT rights supporters in Bangkok earlier this week.

Co-ordinator of the Thai Transgender Alliance Jetsada Taesombat told Bangkok Post that they plan to prepare a civil society same-sex marriage bill, which would need the support of at least 10,000 eligible voters to be introduced to parliament.  



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