Lesbian couple’s anti bullying song is a hit

The YouTube video has won an anti-bullying competition

Lesbian couple’s anti bullying song is a hit
30 November 2012

A lesbian couple’s music video to fight bullying has become a hit with YouTube viewers.

The song, produced by singing duo Bria Airb and Chrissy Chambers, tells the story of a young teenager who commits suicide after being bullied.

It was the winning entry in an anti-bullying competition on YouNow. The song will now be recorded in a professional music studio and will be featured on a soundtrack on a currently unannounced film.

The video has hit a note with YouTube viewers, and has received over 12,000 views.

Viewer Chris Webb left a comment saying: ‘Very powerful and emotional song brought tears to my eyes. Bullying must end. Thank you Bria and Chrissy for making this song.’

Another viewer said: ‘This is the most incredible anti-bullying song I have ever heard. Keep up the great work you both do.’

The couple have also written songs about having two mothers, the anti-gay controversy with Chick-Fil-A and former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Watch the video here:



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