Lesbian murdered and raped in South Africa

Mother of a two-year-old daughter was discovered with neck slit from ear to ear

Lesbian murdered and raped in South Africa
05 July 2012

Another lesbian has become the victim of murder and rape in South Africa.

Hendrietta Thapelo Morifi, 29, also known as Andritha, was discovered by her mother on Saturday (30 June) at her home in Polo Park, Mokopane.

According to Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out’s Cindi Molefe, after Morifi did not answer the door, her mother broke in to discover blood-drenched underwear on the floor and Morifi’s body on a bed.

Reports suggest the young woman’s neck had been slit from ear to ear, and is believed to have been brutally raped prior to her death.

Morifi is survived by her mother and two-year-old daughter.

Despite South Africa having a constitution that states gays and lesbians should not be targets of violence or discrimination, LGBT deaths are on the rise.

Lesbian human rights campaigner Melanie Nathan said the Traditional Leaders were to blame in a comment piece for Gay Star News.

She noted Member of Parliament Nkosi Patekile Holomisa, chairman of the Review Committee who is a member of the African National Congress, proclaimed: ‘The ANC knows that the great majority of South Africans do not want to promote or protect the rights of gays and lesbians.’

On her site ologdeeoblogda.me, Nathan says: ‘How many more South Africans will die as a result of homophobia before the Zuma led government steps forward to announce that homophobia is un-African?

‘Instead the audible silence, together with the recent anti-gay attacks on the South African Constitution by Traditional leaders, serves to perpetuate the myth that being gay is un-African and hence violence is justified.’ 



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