Lesbian presenter says X Factor ‘feels different after Olympics’

Clare Balding, who presented the BBC Olympic coverage, thinks reality TV has lost some of its glow after the London 2012 games

Lesbian presenter says X Factor ‘feels different after Olympics’
30 August 2012

A gay British TV presenter who fronted the BBC coverage of the Olympics has claimed  reality television feels different after the 2012 Games.

Clare Balding, 41, told Heat magazine the ‘fair’ and ‘brutal’ world of the Olympics has altered people’s perception of the reality TV show genre.

‘I watched The X Factor last Saturday. It just felt different,’ she said.

‘After the Olympics, we now really admire real people, achieving things that have taken a lot of training and dedication, and some hint of sacrifice.’

She added: ‘They win or they lose and it’s a fair world, but it’s quite brutal.

‘And I think we all just watched The X Factor a little more cynically than before and it didn’t feel right.

‘It’s like suddenly the chocolate you eat is fake. You know, it just doesn’t taste like chocolate anymore.’

Balding was the main presenter for the UK Olympic coverage during the two weeks of games, and was widely praised by both the public and the press for her professional attitude and sporting knowledge.

However, London 2012 medallists Tom Daley, Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis do not seem to share Balding’s views on reality TV and have reportedly signed on to star in an ‘Olympics Week’ on this year’s X Factor live shows.



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