Lesbian rower Sarah Outen completes historic solo journey from Japan to Alaska

British adventurer became engaged to longtime girlfriend while at sea

Lesbian rower Sarah Outen completes historic solo journey from Japan to Alaska
25 September 2013

After 150 days and 3,750 miles at sea, Sarah Outen has become the first woman to successfully row solo across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska.

The British adventure, who describes herself as someone who rows, cycles and kayaks ‘a continuous loop of the planet,’ arrived Monday (23 September) in a small boat harbor in Adak.

It was not only a historic journey, it was also memorable because Outen became engaged to her girlfriend during the journey via satellite phone call.

‘I have had some of the most intense and memorable months of my life out on the Pacific. It has been brilliant and brutal at the same time,’ Outen said in a statement. ‘And it has been a privilege.’

The final miles were especially difficult as the wind and currents were against her and she suffered from exhaustion so severe she began to hallucinate, according to her blog.

Outen’s support team decided it was safest to tow her in the last half-mile because of the dangerous winds.

She had previously been the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean going from Australia to Mauritius.



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