Lesbian teen arrested again for relationship with underage student

A 19-year-old girl's fate will be decided by a judge as a previous plea deal is pulled after allegations she broke a court order by having sex with her underage partner

Lesbian teen arrested again for relationship with underage student
20 August 2013

A lesbian teen could be heading to jail for having a relationship with her underage 15-year-old partner after a previous plea deal was pulled.

Kaitlyn Hunt, a 19-year-old from Sebastian, Florida, is accused of continuing to communicate with her partner and therefore violating her bond terms.

Hunt appears in court for an emergency hearing of the case today (20 August). 

If the teen is found to have violated the terms of her bail, she will likely be led from the courtroom in handcuffs, according to WPTV.

It is thought the couple may have had sex as recently as two weeks ago.

Hunt was jailed in February and was not allowed to speak with the unnamed 14-year-old according to her terms of release.

The 19-year-old is now accused of sending over 20,000 texts to her underage partner since February, with some including explicit pictures of Hunt.

Court documents have accussed Hunt of ‘covertly contacting her victim thousands of times’ with an iPod she secretly gave to the girl and told her to ‘keep the fuck quiet about it.’

The previous plea deal meant she would have avoided jail time and being branded a sex offender.

But, if it is found the couple have in fact been communicating she will face the charges again.

Before being expelled from school after the original arrest in February, Hunt was voted to have the ‘most school spirit’ by fellow students.

The original plea deal gave Hunt two years house arrest, followed by a year of probation without contact with her 15-year-old partner.

Hunt’s family previous set up a petition to stop the prosecution process which has now been signed by 319,000 supporters.



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