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Lesbian teen raped at Gay Pride in South Africa

Gay rights activists believe a man targeted and raped a schoolgirl because of her sexuality
A lesbian teen was raped at a Gay Pride event in South Africa.
Photo by Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out.

A lesbian teenager was raped after a Gay Pride event in South Africa, according to gay rights activists.

The schoolgirl had allegedly enjoyed Limpopo Pride in Polokwana on Saturday (10 May), and was trying to get home in the early evening.

A man offered to help her with directions but, as they neared a graveyard, he turned on her and allegedly raped her.

She was able to escape, found help, and called the police who returned to the scene and arrested the alleged rapist.

‘She is very traumatized. The man knew she is a lesbian and he raped her,’ Cindy Molefe from the Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out group told Mamba Online.

The area has seen a recent series of rapes of gay women in the area, and Molefe believes the rape survivor was specifically targeted because of her sexuality.

She alleges she asked Polokwane officials to allow participants to stay at the cricket grounds, where the majority of the Pride event took place.

‘We arranged to pay the venue for two days and for security overnight to avoid incidents like this,’ Molefe said. ‘It was the safest place for people to be.’

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