Lesbian TV star Heather Peace blasts Catholic extremists over gay marriage

BBC Lip Service star Peace says Catholic stance is ‘embarrassing’ and she wouldn’t want to marry in church

Lesbian TV star Heather Peace blasts Catholic extremists over gay marriage
28 June 2012

Heather Peace, star of lesbian BBC TV drama Lip Service, has labeled the Catholic Church’s opposition to gay marriage as ‘embarrassing’.

Peace, 36, who is engaged to her partner Ellie, said she doesn’t want to get married in a church but was ‘ferocious’ for same-sex marriage equality.

The English actress plays gay police detective Sam Murray in the BBC3 drama about 30-something lesbians living in Glasgow, Scotland.

She commented as the Scottish government prepared to announce the results of their consultation on same-sex marriage equality. They have set a deadline of 10 July for revealing if they will press ahead with law reform.

Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper reports Peace as saying: ‘The problem comes with the Catholic Church saying, “We’re going to be forced to marry gay people in our church.” That’s embarrassing.

‘I was brought up a Catholic, and in all honesty, on the happiest day of my life, if you really think I would set foot in any building that would rather I wasn’t there, then you’re having a laugh.

‘I hate the fact that it’s even referred to as “gay” marriage. I don’t drive a “gay” car or eat a “gay” lunch. It’s just marriage. It’s all about achieving a sense of equality.

‘Calling it “gay” marriage says to younger people, “This isn’t equivalent to a man and woman being married.”’

She also said heterosexuals should be allowed a civil partnership, currently offered to British gays and lesbians as an alternative to marriage, if they want it.

The Daily Record also reports Peace is worried that BBC3 may not do another series of Lip Service.

She said: ‘I’d have hoped we’d have been recommissioned by now. There have been changes at BBC3 and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t take it up again.

‘It’s a bit worrying that we’ve not heard yet.’



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