Lesbian wedding held in Uganda day after anti-gay bill passed

Kenyan activist reports a lesbian wedding the day after Ugandan parliament passes bill threatening life imprisonment for gay people

Lesbian wedding held in Uganda day after anti-gay bill passed
22 December 2013

A brave lesbian couple in Uganda has held a wedding a day after parliament passed a bill that threatens gay people with life in prison if caught expressing their sexuality.

Kenya gay rights activist Denis Nzioka tweeted a photograph of a celebrant and two women in wedding garb and said that Ugandan activist Kasha Jacqueline had attended the marriage. ‘This is what I call guts,’ he said.

On Friday Uganda’s parliament passed the second reading of an internationally condemned bill that will make it illegal to ‘promote’ homosexuality and will jail people who do not report homosexual activities to the police.

Yesterday Human Rights Watch released a statement saying the bill curtails the universal rights of privacy, family life, equality, freedom of association and expression.

The group also expressed concern that the bill would prevent effectively combatting HIV because LGBT people will be less reachable.

Earlier this month a Ugandan former national football manager was arrested for ‘sodomizing’ one of his team’s players.

The arrest was ‘clearly designed to provoke a moral outrage about what is seen as a bastion of the male sportsmanship – the country’s top football team’ Nzoika told Gay Star News.  



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