Lesbian X Factor contestant’s hit removed from iTunes

Lucy Spraggan, the breakout star from the British reality show, took down 'Last Night' after a producer request

Lesbian X Factor contestant’s hit removed from iTunes
29 August 2012

A lesbian singer-songwriter’s hit original song Last Night, which she performed for her audition on The X Factor, was removed from iTunes yesterday (28 August).

British 20-year-old singer Lucy Spraggan, whose audition has been watched by nearly three million people, said she was happy to withdraw the song after a sudden ‘rule change’.

‘Last Night’ had reached the top 2 spot on the online chart, just one behind last year’s winner Little Mix.

In an interview with entertainment website Digital Spy, she said she wanted to focus on her work with the British reality show rather than chart success.

She said: ‘I was asked by the people behind The X Factor [to take it down],

‘We discussed it and to make it fair to the other contestants and to kind of take this away and put it away for a bit and to focus on The X Factor, we took it down. I took it down as soon as they asked.’

Her other songs from her self-released album Top Room At The Zoo are still available to download.

Spraggan told tabloid The Mirror that her mother has known for a while about her daughter’s sexuality.

She said: ‘My mum loves gay people, she thinks she’s part of the cool club now.

‘But Granddad only found out I was gay on Google.’

The singer-songwriter, who came out to her family at 14, also joked the ITV primetime show must be able to get her a girlfriend.

She said: ‘X Factor must do wonders for your love life. Girls do love girls with guitars.’

The X Factor continues every Saturday night on ITV1.

Check out Lucy Spraggan singing ‘Last Night’ here:



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