Let Tel Aviv Pride bring you some sunshine

Video and photos from Israel’s main pride event to brighten up your day

Let Tel Aviv Pride bring you some sunshine
13 June 2012

GSN has readers all over the world and we know there are plenty of you shivering in the cold right now.

So all the more reason to bring a burst of sunshine into your day… this time with pictures of Tel Aviv’s Pride party in Israel.

Shabi Gatenio, a journalist and filmmaker from Gay Middle East who was at the event, told us that around 100,000 to 200,000 people took part in the event on Friday (8 June), starting with speeches and stalls at Meir Garden, followed by a march through the city’s main streets before finishing with a party on Golden Beach and a chance for a dip in the sea.

There revelers enjoyed the music on the main stage and basked in temperatures of 27C.

Pride in Tel Aviv is also a big pull for tourists from around the world and preparations to market the city for the event included painting some of the pedestrian crossings in rainbow colors – creating an image that went viral around the world.

Check out Gatenio’s photos below, and also see the videos for Tel Aviv’s Pride beach event and how the city created its LGBT rainbow flag crossings:



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