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Letting Twitter photo tell the story, soap star Greg Rikaart comes out publicly as gay

The Young and the Restless actor says no plans to get married right now
Photo: Twitter

Greg Rikaart of the CBS soap The Young and the Restless added yet another way for an actor to come out as gay: tweet a photo of yourself with your boyfriend in celebration of the Supreme Court marriage equality victories.

Sometime after midnight on Thursday, the Emmy winning actor posted the photo with this message: 'Not getting married anytime soon, but celebrating #equality tonight nonetheless.'

Rikaart, 36, has played the role of Kevin Fisher on the CBS soap The Young and the Restless since 2003.

He attended the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s An Evening With Women event last month but is not known to have discussed his personal life before.

Last summer, he found himself in Chick-fil-A war with Melissa Reeves of the NBC soap Days of Our Lives after she publicly showed her support of the fast food chain that is publicly against gay marriage and has donated millions in recent years to anti-gay causes.

Rikaart called Reeves out on Twitter and told TV Guide: “I am proud to stand up and be an advocate for LGBT rights. This is the last hurdle of the civil rights movement. I’m glad this is such a hot-button issue. I’m glad people are so impassioned about it, even the people who are against equality for all Americans because they are reacting out of fear, fear that the LGBT community is winning.'

He also said: 'Part of why I stand up and am proud to be an advocate is because this is less about grownups than it is about children. This is no different than kids being bullied in a schoolyard. People wonder why there is an epidemic of bullying in this country. Well, it’s because kids are learning it from the grownups, from people like Melissa Reeves who is a grown-up bully. I believe in respecting everyone’s religious beliefs but those beliefs don’t belong anywhere near my rights or anyone else's.'

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