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LGBT groups hold protest against Coca-Cola for its sponsorship of Olympics in Russia

Demonstration in New York's Times Square includes dumping Coke into street and crushing cans

Coca-Cola was poured into the street and Coke cans were crushed in Times Square today to protest the soft drink giant's sponsorship of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Queer Nation and other LGBT groups accuse Coca-Cola of sponsoring hate because of Russia's controversial anti-gay propaganda law that has been casting a shadow over The Games for months now.

'By sponsoring the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Coca-Cola is associating its brands with state-sanctioned gay-bashing,' Queer Nation co-founder Alan Klein said in a statement.

'Coca-Cola is sacrificing the safety and security of Russian LGBT people for profit – a position that opposes fundamental Olympic principles, runs counter to the International Olympic Committee charter, and that will tarnish its global image for decades to come,' Klein added.

Klein says the sponsoring the Games in Russia gives legitimacy to the host nation and points out that is exactly what Coca-Cola did when it sponsored the 1936 Games in Nazi Germany. We hope that Coca-Cola does not ignore its own history and does the right thing by refusing to support another regime that targets groups for hatred.'

It was Queer Nation that began the boycott against Russian vodkas last month.

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