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LGBT online resource launched for workplaces in Asia

Offices in Asia get help to become more LGBT inclusive with a website launched today with a live webinar (web-based live seminar)
Businesses in Hong Kong (and the rest of Asia) now have an online resource to help them to become more LGBT inclusive

Hong-Kong-based corporate responsibility advisors Community Business and corporations Barclays and Goldman Sachs launch an online resource today for encouraging Asian offices to become more LGBT inclusive, with a live webinar (web live seminar) at 5pm Hong Kong time.

'Companies in Asia are recognizing the business case to focus on attracting and retaining LGBT employees, but many don’t yet have the tools and experience to make this happen,' said Stephen Golden, head of diversity for Asia Pacific at Goldman Sachs.

'We believe this new LGBT online resource will play a key role in creating an accessible platform to learn, discuss and act on the issues facing LGBT employees, as well as showcase the companies that are doing great work in terms of promoting workplace equality in Asia.'

The platform includes practical advice for LGBT employees and those who want to make their workplace more inclusive, case studies and discussion forums. Community Business have also launched a Linked-In page for LGBT Inclusive Workplaces in Asia.

The topic for the live webinar today is LGBT networks - how to set them up and how they can be beneficial.

The website itself, called LGBT Inclusive Workplaces, is accessible here.  

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