LGBT protesters pelted with eggs at Moscow equality rally

Police arrest thugs armed with eggs, knives and crowbars who attacked protesters at a rally for equal rights for women and gay people in the Russian capital

LGBT protesters pelted with eggs at Moscow equality rally
09 March 2014

LGBT protesters were pelted with eggs for holding rainbow flags at a rally for International Women’s Day in Moscow, Russia yesterday (8 March).

The rally, held from Samotechnaya Square to Suvorov Square in Moscow, included LGBT activists from Moscow’s Rainbow Association as well as around 100 other participants who held placards for equal rights and anti-sexism.

Shortly after the protest started, Russian police demanded any rainbow flags were immediately removed from the rally, but posters with anti-homophobia slogans were allowed to remain.

The sanctioned protest was disrupted by thugs armed with weapons and eggs who attempted to overturn the rally.

The attackers honed in on LGBT protestors who had rainbow flags by pelting them with eggs and trying to burn their placards.

A video of the event shows that a poster with the slogan: ‘No church, no kitchen, no state!’ was seized by the assailants who tried to burn it.

When Russian police arrived to arrest the thugs, it was discovered some of them were armed with crowbars and knives which they had hidden under their clothes.

Russian police arrested at least a dozen of the thugs who attacked the rally.

Reports of such disruption at events rallying for equality for women and gay people have happened before.

In September 2013, police detained 15 people in Moscow who attempted to disrupt a rally about sexual rights for women on World Contraception Day.

Watch the video of the protest here:



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