Liberace’s former boyfriend insists he and Michael Jackson were lovers for ‘six or seven years’

Liberace allegedly introduced his boyrfriend, and chauffeur, Scott Thorson to Michael Jackson in the late 1970s.

Liberace’s former boyfriend insists he and Michael Jackson were lovers for ‘six or seven years’
08 June 2013

Scott Thorson claims he and Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, were boyfriends.

Liberace’s chauffeur allegedly met Jackson in the late 1970s. Their relationship started when the pop star was about to release his sixth studio album.

‘It was right around the time Thriller was coming out and Michael and I became lovers,’ Thorson said in an interview with The Sun.

Thorson insists Jackson was attentive in the seven year romance.

‘Our relationship went on for six or seven years,’ Thorson maintained. ‘Michael was very generous too. He treated me well.’

This is not the first time Thorson has described the alleged affair with the singer. As reported by Huffington Post, in 2004 Thorson told the National Enquire the first time he and Jackson had sex was in 1979. In a 2011 interview with the show Entertainment Tonight, Thorson said their relationship ‘would cross boundaries.’

The man, who sued Liberace in an infamous palimony case, has been in the news since the airing of the HBO film Behind the Candelabra. Based on Thorson’s autobiography, the film stars Matt Damon as the driver turned boyfriend and Michael Douglas as Liberace.

Thorson might be pleased with Jackson, but the same feelings do not apply to the stars of the bio-pic. He claims they ignored his pleas for help with his prison time. He is charged with buying a computer, and cell phone, with a credit card that wasn’t his.

‘Hollywood turned its back on me,’ Thorson said to the Sun. ‘Matt Damon or Michael Douglas would not bail me out, even though I offered to talk to them about the film.’


Culture blogger Juice with Junior spoke with GSN and threw cold water on Thorson’s claims about Jackson.

‘All you have to do is use general knowledge, and common sense, to know that it’s not true,’ Junior said.

He added Jackson ‘was not a lover of anyone.’

‘Michael Jackson was a child who just happened to grow up,’ Junior continued. ‘Thorson should have named a different dead person. That would have been more believable.’



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