Lil Wayne slams gay Frank Ocean in new song

US rapper Lil Wayne controversially references R&B singer Frank Ocean's sexuallity in new rap song

Lil Wayne slams gay Frank Ocean in new song
18 September 2012

US rapper Lil Wayne has controversially referenced R&B singer Frank Ocean’s sexuality in a new rap song.

Featuring on a remixed version of Future’s new single ‘Turn On The Lights’, Wayne raps: ‘Tell her I skate/ I ain’t got no worries/ No Frank Ocean, I’m straight.’

The lyric is a clear reference to the R&B singer, who revealed earlier this year his first love was a man.

It is not the first time Wayne has been accused of using homophobic lyrics in his songs. In his song Georgia Bush, he says: ‘Got money out the ass/no homo but I’m rich.’

Ocean, whose first major solo record ‘Channel Orange’ has achieved critical and commercial success, has had to deal with a host of musicians commenting on his sexuality.

When asked about Ocean while leaving a French nightclub earlier this year, Chris Brown allegedly said: ‘Man, no homo!’ A phrase known in the hip hop community to mean a rejection of anything deemed gay.

Earlier this month legendary crooner Stevie Wonder apologized for comments he made in an interview, in which he said Ocean was merely ‘confused’ about his sexuality.

He clarified his comments by saying: ‘No one has been a greater advocate for the power of love in this word than I; both in my life and in my music. Clearly, love is love.’

He has had support however, with hip hop heavy weights Russell Simmons and J-Zay both encouraging Ocean after he came out.

Ocean entered unchartered territory when he used his Tumblr account to describe a relationship he had with a man.

He is one of the most high profile African-American R&B musicians to ever come out pubicly.

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