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Limbaugh compares marriage equality to man-on-furniture love

US right wing shock jock Rush Limbaugh has suggested that he might marry his sofa if allowed to and believes same-sex marriage might open the gateway to that becoming a reality
Rush Limbaugh

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has suggested that same-sex marriage might lead the way to people marrying their furniture and says he has an eye on marrying his favorite sofa.

Limbaugh was speaking to a fellow same-sex marriage opponent during a March 22 broadcast when he made the bizarre comments.

Limbaugh asked his caller, ‘What do you say to people who say - “you know what … you’re old fashioned, you’re stuck in the past. We can never go back to it, it wasn’t what it was. It’s all fuddy-duddy, and you’re going to have to modernize or society is going to leave you behind”?’

Limbaugh them summed up the progressives’ view of marriage as ‘Its all based in love - everybody loves each other and so what ever happens is fine.’

‘I love my sofa and I sit on it every night. And it loves me back … If I could marry my sofa I might think about it. I would. And maybe in a few years it could be possible? You never know.’

The caller responded, ‘I love mine too although I haven’t seen it in a few months because of the tax season.’

In January this year Limbaugh, who has been divorced three times and had Elton John perform at his most recent 2010 wedding, claimed that progressives would move to ‘normalize’ pedophilia after succeeding with same-sex marriage.

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