Lindsay Lohan speaks of ‘connection’ to Liz Taylor

Lindsay Lohan, who will play Liz Taylor, ‘treasures’ the ring the actress gave her before she died

Lindsay Lohan speaks of ‘connection’ to Liz Taylor
24 February 2012

Bisexual American actress and pop star Lindsay Lohan ‘treasures’ a ring she was sent by gay icon Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

The troubled star – who will portray the iconic actress in new TV movie 'Liz and Dick' – was given the piece of costume jewelry with a motivational letter from the screen legend before she died and is delighted to have a ‘connection’ to her.

She said: ‘I treasure it. It came with this beautiful note handwritten by Elizabeth Taylor, which was very encouraging about my work – and that work is something I should concentrate on.

‘It's a costume ring. It has cognac-colored stone with precious stones set around it. After I was sent it, I put the ring and the letter in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it.

‘But I took them out recently when I was asked to portray her. It's a tiny connection to her.’

Earlier this week, Lindsay was praised by Judge Stephanie Sautner for her efforts in court-ordered community service – part of her sentence for breaching probation – and with the punishment scheduled to come to an end next month, the 25-year-old star is looking forward to getting back to work and has promised to be more disciplined than ever.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: ‘I'm happy about what happened [in court this week]. I realize how important it is not to muck this up. This is my chance to get on with my life.

‘I like the structure [of being on a film set]. You have to be there in the morning so that means you can't go out the night before.

‘I've learnt a lot of lessons and that's one of them.’



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